Code Downloads

From time to time I develop code that I want to share with readers of my blog. These files will be located here:

Dropbox Folder

The following list is just some of the code you will find available to download:

  • WaitforSync-Install -  Creates objects that will help you when doing a demo or testing code by making it easy to syncronize the starting of multiple sessions at the exact same time.  It does this by saving the time that will be used in the WAITFOR statement in a table.  Will create a Utility schema and objects in that schema (obviously changeable by downloader.)  Examples of how to use are included in comments at the end of the installation script. 
  • SimpleDateDimensionCreateAndLoad -  Nothing fancy, just dates, day of the week, month names, etc.
  • SimpleTimeDimensionCreateAndLoad - Loads a table with a grain of each second of the data for formatting data  

sysMetadata - A set of query modules that can be used to fetch metadata about SQL Server objects

  • ForeignKey$List - A module that can be used to fetch tables that are referenced and/or referencing another

Code Snippets - Small bits of code or expressions that can be used to do stuff that is not exactly memorable

  • Date Math - Common expressions that can be used to format and compute date values that are not simple, straightforward uses of built-in functions
  • Generating a Sequence Number - Techiques to generate a table of numbers, in sequence, to do interesting things with. 

More descriptions to come as I flesh out my new website, and more still in the dropbox folder.