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A SQL Nerd With a Website

Welcome to my website. Feel free to drop me a line anytime at louis@drsql.org if you have any comments,or just want to tell me that you have used the site. You may know me as drsql@hotmail.com, but I am going to change my email address some day, though I have had the Hotmail account for 15 years now and it is how I am known to a "few people" by that address, so who knows.  If you want my full information, check out the About page.  

I have written several books on database design with SQL Server (most recently, with Jessica Moss (@JessicaMMoss) as a contributor, with the new version coming up later this year!), a book on Dynamic Management Views with Tim Ford (@SQLAgentMan). I also try to get around and do presentations on Database Design whenever I can at any SQL Saturday I can drive to from Cleveland, TN. I upload all of my slides to a dropbox folder that I link to on the presentations tab. If you are interested, check out my calendar below...I am always available for parties if you need someone to lead naptime. 


No upcoming events.